Introduction of ASEAN WebEOC Systems to National Disaster Management Offices


The workshop participants with their certificates

JAKARTA, INDONESIA (19/09/2013) – Sixteen representatives of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) National Disaster Management Offices (NDMOs) have accomplished a workshop on the Introduction of ASEAN WebEOC System for disaster management yesterday (18/09/2013). The three-day workshop, which was organised by the AHA Centre in Jakarta from 16 to 18 September 2013 provided an overview and basic skill on the utilisation of WebEOC systems for a more concerted disaster management efforts.

Professor Dr. Haruo Hayashi of the Kyoto University Disaster Prevention Research Institute and Mr. Shane Booker of Intermedix as the core trainers shared the knowledge on how WebEOC as a web-enabled crisis info management system provides a platform for real-time information sharing between organizations. Participants also learned about the features in the ASEAN WebEOC, which currently are being developed by the AHA Centre under the Establishment of an Integrated Information and Communication Technology to strengthen the operation of AHA Centre-Phase II (the AHA Centre ICT-Phase II) project. To enrich their perspectives on how the WebEOC is used, they also learned about how WebEOC was utilised in AHA Centre’s disaster emergency response operations.

The workshop also yielded the opportunity to the participants to get acquainted with their ICT for disaster management practitioners peers, and build the network of WebEOC users in ASEAN Region. Ms. Adelina Kamal, the Head of Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance (DMHA) of the ASEAN Secretariat remarked, “what is important from this training is the opportunity to establish people-to-people connection among the disaster management practitioners. With such good connections, we can work better to enhance the disaster management in the Region.”

The ICT Phase II Project is a 18-month Project is supported by the Government of Japan. It aims to establish connectivity of the AHA Centre with all of national disaster management offices (NDMOs), to ensure that all necessary data and information can be exchanged between the AHA Centre and NDMOs during disaster and non-disaster situation, and to enhance capacity of the AHA Centre related to ICT and connectivity.”The ICT Phase II is to connect the AHA Centre and NDMOs of ASEAN Member States in order to get quicker and more coordinated effective response in disaster”, Ms. Takako Ito, the Minister Counselor, Deputy Chief of Mission of Japan to ASEAN remarked upon the conclusion of the workshop.


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